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Translate into Russian

Hi, I can help to translate wiki to Russian. Please make

when will 9.4 out???

Good Question :) I think when critical bugs will be fixed. I proposed to place issues, that you think need to be addressed for 0.9.4 in this page QT3(0.9.4) release but there are no activity :( I'm going to continue work at it when I will have time for this

I can't checkout sources with svn through firewall. Will you create daily snapshot to download it through http? Or just archives of important releases (0.9.4)? [reverse phone lookup]

Download link

imho, it would be helpfull to add a link to a download page ( somewhere on the main page.

Help with SIM

By mistake I removed the panel that had buttons from the main window, how to get it back there?

Maybe you simply reduce it and it will become small horizontal stick (reduced border). Click it again.

Linux version?

Is there any rescent version of SIM, that can be downloaded for linux?

Only SVN repository at this time.

Well, it works fine anyway. Thanks. :)

Some good guy added the svn releases to Gentoo Portage, Horray!

Support for jabber conferences

Is there any support for jabber conferences or can it be done?

Antispam plugin

SIM-ICQ featured an extremly useful plugin Antispam. When an unknown contact sent a message, the plugin would ask some simple question and waited for the correct answer. That gave 99% protection against ICQ spam robots. I can't see this plugin in the SIM-IM fork? Anyone has any idea about it? All "old" pages are now not available or redirect to this site.

What was this plugin's name and in what version of sim-icq it was present?

Why your version of SIM doesn't work on win98se in fact? SIM 0.9.3 does, although with many errors but suitably

because we do not use win98 and can't test or fix SIM on it --wRAR 19:16, 9 April 2006 (EEST)

scrolling issue

When scrolling anything in the settings or when I have alot of contacts the text gets blurred until I run my mouse over it. I was thinking I could try changing the font I chose at install as I was very confused and just guessed.