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Oscar plugin gives you the ability to communicate using ICQ and AIM networks.

Development status

Oscar is actively developed and supported.

Known issues

See ICQ Bugs | See AIM Bugs

  • don't use MSN and Oscar plugins simultaneously - it may cause some weird contact list problems for ICQ (one example - all ICQ contacts get deleted at some point from server side...). MSN and ICQ separately works fine I think
  • SIM-IM and use version 9 of the Oscar protocol.
  • At the moment (24th September, 2007) the latest version of Oscar protocol is 11. To my knowledge, so far it is used in the official ICQ client and in QIP.
  • File transfers don't work between the latest version of QIP and SIM-IM I tried this with several users of QIP. It's not related to my firewall and router settings, as it used to work fine, when I used QIP. File transfers don't seem to work with ICQ 5.1 users either, but I only tried this with one person. SIM to SIM file transfers seem to work fine.
  • I don't see any user pictures in SIM-IM for users of ICQ 5.1, of the latest version of QIP, of SIM-IM I used to see all the user pictures in QIP.
  • Once I didn't receive 4 messages in a row from a QIP (latest version) user. I was online in SIM-IM The other time I sent a message to a QIP user, who was offline. He didn't receive it.

Note: I think, all the mentioned problems are connected with the fact, that various versions of the Oscar protocol are not fully compatible with each other. And I think, this is the problem of the ICQ owners approach, not of the creators of various alternative ICQ-clients.

How does SIM-IM work with contact-list? As far as I understand, it uses the server-side contact-list and stores a copy of it offline.

I tried removing users and groups and SIM-IM really removed them from the server-side contact list (I checked in another ICQ-client). So this seems to work fine, but I think this issue should be described somewhere on this site.