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Fertilizers do not make the earth fertile. improve the fertility by adding organic matter. Organic matter is the basis or home for all biological life that feeds your plants. Organic matter has the strongest pull on nutrient molecules.

Water droplets carry nitrogen atoms down through the <a ref=>soil</a> profile. The larger gaps between the soil particles allow the water to flow past the particles and not release the nitrogen atoms. Certain soils have higher magnetic charges than others. Sandy, infertile dirt can be improved over time by adding organic matter like compost and compost tea.

The smaller soil particles have smaller spaces between them and together have a stronger magnetic charge. They enable the root to take the nitrogen up to the plant leaves. Fine topsoil tend to hold water longer so need less irrigation. In fact too much water can clog the tiny spaces between the earth particles and cut off oxygen to the roots. Roots need oxygen to grow and survive.

There are organic soil remediation products that can make your earth fertile, allowing better crop production, removing/converting heavy metals and making crops more disease resistant. <a href=”http://www.”>Healthy Farms Perfect Soil system</a> does this.