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These are the default values for the config after new profile creation of an existing user. The Chat-Protocols ICQ and Jabber habe been processed in this list.

Attention: AIM, Yahoo, Livejournal, MSN, Yahoo, SMS are missing here in its defaults

Groupmode: 1 Allways in foreground Show status panel All Protocols: Common Status after registration: offline (user decides when switching any mode)


ICQ: --- Network:

  Tab Network:

Server: Port: 5190 Portrange for direct connections: 1024-65534 keep up connection Activate Network Media Sense

  Tab Options:

Sendformat: UTF8 Wait for Message from Server Accept in DND-Mode Accept in Busy-Mode


  Tab Security:

Allow View status from web Direct connection: allow from every user

  Tab Visible List:   List <prefilled>
  Tab Invisible List: List <prefilled>


Network: Resource: SIM Priority: 5 writing notifiction (XEP-022) send as Richtext if possible (XEP-0071) Send and requesting versinsinfo (XEP-0092) use protocol-symbols for Agent-contacts Automatically send subscribe request Automatically accept subscribe requests


  1. plugins with "+" are activated by default
  2. plugins with "*" are essential, cannot be unloaded.



+AutoAway Set Away after 3 mins Set N/A after 10 mins Disable online alert in "Away", "N/A", "DND" and "occupied" List


+Dock +Filter Ignore list: Filled +Floaty +Forward (i have some ideas for this plugin... ;) +GPG HomeDirectory=%appdata%\sim\%profilename%\keys

Advanced: (default gpg-commands) Generate key: --gen-key --batch List public keys: --with-colon --list-public-keys List secret keys: --with-colon --list-secret-keys Import public: --import %keyfile% Export public: --batch --yes --armor --comment "" --no-version --export %userid% Encrypt: --charset utf8 --batch --yes --armor --comment "" --no-version --recipient %userid% --trusted-key %userid% --output %cipherfile% --encrypt %plainfile% Decrypt: --charset utf8 --yes --passphrase-fd 0 --status-fd 2 --output %plainfile% --decrypt %cipherfile%

  • Home directory:
Icons (although it is not loaded, standard iconset has to be loaded
==>sim, smilies, icqlite, additional
  • Interface
  Tab interface:

Language: system Message window: Chat mode Container mode: Open one container for group Copy 3 messages from history Show user avatar

  Tab contact list:

Use system colors Use small font for group Show group separator Awaiting Auth: Underlined Visible: Italic Invisible: Stroked

Sorting: 1st: Status 2nd: Contact name 3rd: Last message time

  Tab History:

Use external view: notepad (unactivated, only text predefined) Max history file size: 2MB (unactivated, only text predefined) Keep history: 90 days (unactivated, only text predefined) Use emotional icons Show user avatar Show 100 messages per page History Style: SIM

  Tab File:

Path for incomming files: %appdata%\sim\%profilename%\Incomming Files Accept mode: Show response

  Tab messages:

New message: Open and minimize

  Tab SMS:

Text after cursor: \n &MyName;

Migrate (essential, Plugin enabled grayed)

+Navigate: Open links in new window (when unchecked in win32 Explorer/IE is used, when checked installed default program.) +Network monitor +On Top +OSD

  Tab OSD:

Enable messages notification Enable status notification: online

  Tab Interface:

Place: Left-bottom Offset 30 Show time: 7 Color: #00E000 Font: MS Shell Dlg, 16pt bold Show shadow Show fading

+Proxy (perhaps by default disabled?) Client: Default Proxytype: None +Remote Control (perhaps by default disabled?) Enable IE context menu extension (for sending files, currently broken, repair? :) ) +Replace Text (perhaps by default disabled?) +Shortcuts: Delete: Del Delete group: Del Down: Ctrl+Down Rename: F2 Rename group: F2 Toggle main window: Ctrl+Shift+A Global Up: Ctrl+Up

+Sound: (everytime with path for sounds-prefix: %sim_program_dir%\sounds\)

  Tab Sound:

Sound on Startup: startup.ogg Message sent: msgsent.ogg Filetransfre done: filedone.ogg

  Tab Events:

Add to contacts: added.ogg Authorization granted: auth.ogg Authorization refused: refused.ogg Authorize request: authrequest.ogg Contact list: contacts.ogg Contact request: contactrequest.ogg Email pager message: mailpager.ogg Error: error.ogg File: file.ogg Message: message.ogg Online alert: alert.ogg Remove from contacts: deleted.ogg SMS: sms.ogg URL: url.ogg WWW-panel message: web.ogg

+Spell check (perhaps by default disabled?) +Splash


+System tray Hide main window after 60 seconds inactive (idle) +Transparent Transparency of main window: slider on 60% Transparent only if inactive Mainwindow Floaties

Update (should be activated by default for win32)


After registring on first restart:

SelectProfileDialog: Profile with %profilename% is preselected in combo Save Password