Sim 0.9.5 changelog

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  • Translation updates [r1921, r2051, r2188, r2205]
  • GPL icons [r1928, r1930, r1931, r1936, r2023]
  • GPL sounds [r1989, r1990]
  • OS/2 support [r1935, r2267, r2268, r2269]
  • Audiere support [r1947, r1948, r1950, r1957, r2260]
  • Support for Jabber's own encryption protocol [r2041, patch #2125]
  • Floating windows fixes [r2070, r2259]
  • LED Notification in N/A status [r1963-r1983, r1991, r1997]
  • Network cable plugging/unplugging detection [r2375, r2464, r2483, r2493, r2494, r2502]
  • Moved to cmake from autotools [...]


to be continued :)