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We are not planning to release any bugfix releases of 0.9.4.x branch. If you are interested in porting bug-fixes from 0.9.5 branch into 0.9.4.x, please contact the development team via Mailing lists.

Sim-IM 0.9.5

  • Internal unicode usage: use everywhere Qt string classes to avoid useless conversions. User:Chehrlic. Almost done, needs testing.
  • Jabber: Support for XEP-0092(Software Version), remove version info from default resource string. User:WRAR,User:Serzh - done
  • Jabber: Implement File Transfer (XEP-0096, XEP-0065): Shaplov: In progress
  • ICQ: Support for new avatar approach in ICQ 5.1 and QIP. User:Chehrlic. Done, needs testing
  • Profiles Renaming feature. User:Serzh Done. Needs testing and polishing.
  • Implement dist and package-messages targets for cmake build and get rid of autoconf
  • Replace icon and sounds with unclear licences with GNU/GPL one (Bug #8843) In progress by Shaplov and noragen
  • Fix most critical known bugs:
    • Bug #10650 Impossible to add Non-IM contact: fixed by Vooft (Mikheev N.)
    • Bug #11757 ICQ: Users from ignore list can't be deleted from contact list fixed by int32 (Dmitry Karasik)
    • Bug #11493 ICQ: Impossible to change value of "Allow other to view my status from the web" option fixed by dushistov_ea
    • Bug #9129 ICQ: File transfer is broken
    • Bug #11669 Unable to connect password protected HTTPS Proxy fixed by Alex Masterov
    • Bug #10426 Jabber: Some messages is received twice. fixed by reklov
    • Jabber: Impossible to move some contacts from one group to another fixed by Shaplov
    • Bug #10994 Sim-IM loose configure files when disk is full fixed by Shaplov
    • Sim-IM loose configure files when pressing Cancel while changing profile fixed by Shaplov
    • Bug #11221 Send button for "Authorization request" is always disabled, when request is sending from message window menu. In progress by Vooft (Mikheev N.)
    • Bug #10945 Sim-IM can't connect the network after changing of network address
    • Bug #5995 Spellcheck in Sim-IM for KDE: Checked misspelled words is sent to recipient coloured in red color
    • Bug #5994 Spellcheck in Sim-IM for KDE tries to analyse html tags of formatted message
    • Bug #12254 Spellcheck in Sim-IM for KDE highlights all words in message in some cases.
    • Bug #12255 Update button in userinfo/settings window is not re-enabling after updateting.

There are also some not release-critical bugs. We can release sim without fixing them, but in release version these features should be disabled where it is possible:

  • Bug #10530 ICQ: Impossible to send SMS
  • Bug #9681 Jabber: Problems with bold and underlined text in messages from gaim/pidgin
  • Bug #9051 ICQ: Jabber groups is created on ICQ server when using ICQ and Jabber together
  • Bug #12257 Jabber: Sim-IM crashes when trying to send contact (Contact List menu option).
  • Bug #12259 MSN and OSCAR pluging can't be used together. We should at least warn a user when creating new connection.