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We are not planning to release any bugfix releases of 0.9.4.x brunch. If you are interested in porting bug fixes from 0.9.5 branch into 0.9.4.x, please contact the development team via Mailing lists.

Sim-IM 0.9.5

  • Internal unicode usage: use everywhere Qt string classes to avoid useless conversions. User:Chehrlic. Almost done, needs testing.
  • Jabber: Support for XEP-0092(Software Version), remove version info from default resource string. User:WRAR,User:Serzh - done
  • Jabber: Implement File Transfer (XEP-0096, XEP-0065): Shaplov: In progress
  • ICQ: Support for new avatar approach in ICQ 5.1 and QIP. User:Chehrlic. Done, needs testing
  • Profiles Renaming feature. User:Serzh Done. Needs testing and polishing.
  • Implement dist and package-messages targets for cmake build and get rid of autoconf
  • Replace icon and sounds with unclear licences with GNU/GPL one (Bug #8843) In progress by Shaplov and noragen
  • Fix most critical known bugs:
    • Bug #10650 Impossible to add Non-IM contact: fixed by Vooft (Mikheev N.)
    • Bug #11757 ICQ: Users from ignore list can't be deleted from contact list fixed by int32 (Dmitry Karasik)
    • Bug #11493 ICQ: Impossible to change value of "Allow other to view my status from the web" option fixed by dushistov_ea
    • Bug #9129 ICQ: File transfer is broken
    • Bug #11669 Unable to connect password protected HTTPS Proxy fixed by Alex Masterov
    • Bug #10426 Jabber: Some messages is received twice. fixed by reklov
    • Jabber: Impossible to move some contacts from one group to another fixed by Shaplov
    • Bug #10994 Sim-IM loose configure files when disk is full fixed by Shaplov
    • Sim-IM loose configure files when pressing Cancel while changing profile fixed by Shaplov
    • Bug #11221 Send button for "Authorization request" is always disabled, when request is sending from message window menu. In progress by Vooft (Mikheev N.)
    • Bug #10945 Sim-IM can't connect the network after changing of network address
    • Bug #5995 Spellcheck in Sim-IM for KDE: Checked misspelled words is sent to recipient coloured in red color
    • Bug #5994 Spellcheck in Sim-IM for KDE tries to analyse html tags of formatted message
    • Bug #12254 Spellcheck in Sim-IM for KDE highlights all words in message in some cases.
    • Bug #12255 Update button in userinfo/settings window is not re-enabling after updateting.
    • TODO: Add more bugs here.

There are also some not release-critical bugs. We can release sim without fixing them, but in release version these features should be disabled where it is possible:

  • Bug #10530 ICQ: Impossible to send SMS
  • Bug #9681 Jabber: Problems with bold and underlined text in messages from gaim/pidgin
  • Bug #9051 ICQ: Jabber groups is created on ICQ server when using ICQ and Jabber together
  • Bug #12257 Jabber: Sim-IM crashes when trying to send contact (Contact List menu option).