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****** '''<s><font color="green"> is opened multiple times if multiple times is clicked on the smilie button</font></s> [[Fixed by Yury]]
****** '''<s><font color="green"> is opened multiple times if multiple times is clicked on the smilie button</font></s> [[Fixed by Yury]]
**** '''Menu:
**** '''Menu:
***** '''on the left is a second "Ignore"-Button without functionality, which should be removed.
***** '''"Ignore user"-Button has no function
*** '''<s><font color="green"> in Mainwindow</font></s> [[Fixed]]
*** '''<s><font color="green"> in Mainwindow</font></s> [[Fixed]]
**** '''<s><font color="green"> Onlinebar</font></s> [[Fixed]]
**** '''<s><font color="green"> Onlinebar</font></s> [[Fixed]]

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urgent Prio:

  • QCString=>QByteArray Conversation, strangs lineends Fixed by Denis
  • (Filetransfer crashes, perhaps dependend on my changes above)
  • Test and fix "New Profile" for working stable and secure (f.e. creating an ICQ-Account: No Status-Options are added to the menu. Cannot go online with this Profile)
  • Test and fix "Change Profile" for working stable and secure (when changing back to old profile from above created, the old profile is broken...)

normal Prio:

  • Plugins loading: Load only the used plugins, and no more and no less.
  • Config:
    • Metacontacts are not saved in Config. Contacts are seperated after restart of SIM again
    • Some Settings are saved in Registry in Win32 (QSettings?), this is a bad idea, if Sim-IM should be run on Computers with restricted access to registry f.e. it can't be written.
      Using %appdata%\sim for global .conf is better.
    • On startup all seems initialized by 0.9.6, the 0.9.5-config gets broken due to this initialization Fixed by Denis
  • GUI-Problems:
    • Fix all toolbars:
      • CToolButtons don't have Highlight-Effect anymore
        • Popup has no QCursor::pos() (only with left Mousebutton)
      • Interfacetoolbars:
        • Middle-toolbar:
          • shrinked toolbar (small container width): the ">>" is shown, but has no function on the right of the toolbar
          • FileButton has anyhow no function, wether this button nor in menu. (Should popup OpenFileDialog for Filetransfer) Fixed by Yury
          • some controls should be hidden in toolbar as in 0.9.5, show only the needed ones. (Restoration of the Toolbar/Container behavior) Fixed by Yury
          • toolbar msgedit-buttons concealed by long file-button Fixed by Yury
          • some Buttons are broken on the left (color buttons), should be also popups like Emoticon-Button Fixed by Christian
          • Smilie-Window:
            • PopupInformation about keyshortcuts is not shown for Smilies
            • is not hiding clicking in container Fixed by Yury
            • is opened multiple times if multiple times is clicked on the smilie button Fixed by Yury
        • Menu:
          • "Ignore user"-Button has no function
      • in Mainwindow Fixed
      • HistoryToolbar: Fixed by Yury
        • The Searchbutton (Filterbutton) is not displayed Fixed by Yury
        • History direction cannot be reverted with click on the corresponding arrow-Button Fixed by Yury
        • horizontal expanding of the controls does not work. Fixed by Tobias
    • Floatys are not as long as in 0.9.5 Still not same dimension but now longer, so that flashing text is still visible, by Tobias
    • dragging files on contakt in contactlist is not possible to send them via filetransfer, but works with floatys
    • sound-plugin event-tab: the path lines are not display right, also the play/browse buttons are shrinked ;) Fixed by Christian
    • Setup: Buttons, no Text on it (soundplugin f.e.) Fixed by Christian
    • Container/History: no context-menu on right click
    • clickable content (links, message items, like standard message, filetransfer, web url, sms...) is not processed/executed in history
    • Scrollbar is not moving down getting new messages Fixed by Yury
    • Search/Add-Dialog:
      • Labels for Textfields are missing.
      • Functiontest has to be done.
    • OSD is black in win32 Fixed by Tobias
    • OSD fading in win32 Fixed by Tobias
    • Search/Add-Dialog broken. Crashing on open Fixed by Christian
    • Datepicker does not work and is not displayed right (popup) at QCursor::pos()) Fixed by Christian
  • Sound-plugin:
    • no startup sound is played
  • Config/Setup-Window steals access to other windows (f.e. no possible acces to InterfaceWindow, MainWindow.. then.)
  • Filetransfer-Window steals access to other windows, too
  • Search:
    • after Clicking around: UIN-Field is not longer enabled, when clicking on UIN-Checkbox
    • Search ICQ: Partly Fixed by Yury
    • Search Jabber:
      • Labels are broken
  • Translation: broken
  • Tooltips: Fixed
  • Splash:
    • splash isnt enabled but instead loaded
    • splash is deleted prematurely due to profile-management (changeProfile() on startup)
  • OSD:
    • sometimes when there are multiple messages in short time distances, it seems, a new OSD is displayed or faded in over the existing, while the existing seems to be deleted previously. Perhaps we can handle it to get there a more smooth transition between this. so that the current existing OSD-window is used to display such messages like "2 messages from digger", "3 messages from digger" ...
    • Yury: ok, good idea, but some systems have more powerfull services for notification, Growl on Mac for ex. i think realase user selection of system/sim service
    • when existing OSD-window is used, the lifetime has to be extended, of course... ;)
    • Yury: when we close OSD widget, it shading at first and then really closes
    • Noragen: if it shades down, the "new" one has to wait until the old shade is finished..
    • Noragen: also to be done: only one Online-Alarm for joined contacts
  • automatical ghost-protocol-toggeling while sending messages and Files
  • SIGNAL/SLOT - Problems:
    • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:31:26 [DBG] QT: Object::connect: No such signal QHttp::authenticationRequired(QString&,quint16,QAuthenticator*) in branch-playground\sim\fetch.cpp:188 Occurs if Qt is compiled without -openssl, thx Christian.
    • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:31:26 [DBG] QT: Object::connect: No such signal QHttp::sslErrors(const QList&) in branch-playground\sim\fetch.cpp:197 Occurs if Qt is compiled without -openssl, thx Christian.
    • Click on contact:
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:41:23 [DBG] QT: Object::connect: No such signal MsgEdit::toolBarPositionChanged(QToolBar*) in branch-playground\plugins\_core\userwnd.cpp:81
  • ProtocolErrors:
    • On Startup:
    • ICQ:
      • Pidgin rekognises only the first char of the filename, which is sent by SIM
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:39:23 [DBG] Error! foodgroup: 0003 reason: Incorrect SNACformat
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:39:23 [WRN] Unknown buddy foodgroup type 0001
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:39:23 [WRN] Unknown buddy foodgroup type 000A
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:39:26 [DBG] Error! foodgroup: 0002 reason: Recipient is not logged in
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:39:26 [DBG] Error! foodgroup: 0002 reason: Requested service unavailable
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:40:17 [DBG] Msg size=0 type=26
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:40:17 [DBG] Parse message [type=26]
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:40:17 [DBG] Extended message Away Status Message [0100] 18
      • SIM-IM: 01/07/2009 00:40:17 [WRN] Unknown extended message type Away Status Message
      • Activated MD5-Auth does not connect and lead to Rate Limit due to looping reconnect

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