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SIM-IM and use version 9 of the Oscar protocol.

At the moment (24th September, 2007) the latest version of Oscar protocol is 11. To my knowledge, so far it is used in the official ICQ client and in QIP.

File transfers don´t work between QIP and SIM-IM I tried this with several users of QIP. It´s not related to my firewall and router settings, as it used to work fine, when I used QIP. File transfers don´t seem to work with ICQ 5.1 users either, but I only tried this with one person. SIM to SIM file transfers seem to work fine.

I don´t see any user pictures in SIM-IM for users of ICQ 5.1, of the latest version of QIP, of SIM-IM I used to see all the user pictures in QIP.