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** Comments policy.
** Comments policy.
** Configurable signature.
** Configurable signature.
== Known issues ==
[http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/index.php?group_id=4482&_summary_keyword=livejournal&set=custom&_assigned_to=0&_status=1&_category=100&_bug_group=100&SUBMIT=Browse See Bugs]

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This plugin allows posting to LJ using your LJ account. You can post to your own journal or to any of the communities that list you as a member. Your journal and joined communities are represented as contact list items.

Current status

  • Flat client/server protocol.
  • Version 1 of protocol (all text data is sent in UTF-8).
  • Posting to your own journal and communities you are a member of.
  • Editing and deleting of posts made by this program only (uses record ID's saved in local history).
  • Message features:
    • Formatting (can be disabled in the preferences).
    • Subject.
    • Current mood.
    • Privacy.
    • Comments policy.
    • Configurable signature.

Known issues

See Bugs