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* HTTP polling ({{XEP|0025}}).
* HTTP polling ({{XEP|0025}}).
==Google Talk support==
==See Also==
To connect to Google Talk jabber server, use the following settings:
[[FAQ#Can_I_use_Sim-IM_to_connect_my_GoogleTalk_account.3F| Google Talk support]]
Server: talk.google.com<br>
[x] Use SSL<br>
[x] Use plain text login<br>
[x]Manually specify jabber host:<br>

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XMPP (Jabber) IM protocol support.

Development status

Jabber plugin is actively developed and supported.


  • Sending and receiving messages.
  • Retrieving offline messages.
  • Formatted messages (XEP-0071).
  • Typing notification (XEP-0022).
  • User search (XEP-0055).
  • Reading and setting user info (XEP-0054).
  • Sending and requesting client/OS version information (XEP-0092).
  • vCard-based user avatars (XEP-0153).
  • HTTP polling (XEP-0025).

See Also

Google Talk support