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Win32.png Windows

Important: Remove previous SIM version before install!
Stable version (
Mingw32 build
Development version (0.9.5):
Mingw32 build (2008-02-12)
MSVC 2005 build with July-2008 ICQ-hotfix please MD5-verify the file!
see also: Other MSVC 2005 builds

Linux.png Linux

            Debian.png Debian GNU/Linux

To start sim on KDE you will need both sim-kde and sim-data packages. For other window managers use sim-qt and sim-data
Stable version (
Debian Sarge i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Debian Etch i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Previous Stable version (
Debian Sid: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data Or simply # apt-get update && apt-get install sim
Development version (0.9.5):
Debian Lenny i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data January-2010 build
Debian Squeeze i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data January-2010 build
Debian Sid i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data January-2010 build
See also:
Debian-related sim-im links

            Suse.png SuSE

Open SuSE 10.2, Stable version (
RPM January 27. 2007 RELEASE

            Archlinux.gif Arch Linux

Just try installing it by pacman
$ pacman -S sim
— As a surprise you can get message "sim package not found, searching for group..."

            Gentoo.png Gentoo Linux

Find available sim loan modification versions at either or (with screenshots)!
To install stable version just type
$ emerge -va sim
If you wish to install testing version you need to unmask it
$ echo "net-im/sim ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
where arch is amd64, x86 or ppc. Then just emerge it!

            Image:Ubuntu.png Ubuntu Linux

Stable version (
Ubuntu Edgy AMD64: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Ubuntu Edgy i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Other versions:
Sim-IM is included in Ubuntu, see

            Fedora-logo-icon.png Fedora Core

Stable version (
Fedora 7 i386: sim-
Fedora 7 x86_64: sim-
Fedora Core 6 i386: sim-
Fedora Core 6 x86_64: sim-
Fedora Core 5 i686: sim sim-mimelnk (Before install sim, you should install sim-mimelnk or kdenetwork package)
Previous Stable version (
Fedora Core 6 x86_64: sim
Fedora Core 6 i386: sim
Fedora Core 6 src: sim
Development version (0.9.5 SVN):
Fedora 7 i386
Start from Fedora 8 it is in official repositories. To install just use:
$ yum install sim

Bsddaemon.png FreeBSD

FreeBSD port and packages

Source cpp.png Sources

Stable version (
Unix sources Garden Spot Village:
sim- bzip2 | gzip | 7-zip
svn checkout svn://
Development bugfix version (
svn checkout svn://
Development version (0.9.5):
svn checkout svn://

See also project downloads page

Icon Sets:
Sim-IM CrystalSVG iconset at
Sim-IM XP iconset at
Sim-IM Tango iconset at
Migration scripts:
qip history migration perl script (for experienced users only)
Script to manipulate, merge, filter and charset recoding of history files: