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Win32.png Windows

Important: Remove previous SIM version before install!
Stable version (
Mingw32 build
MSVC 2005 build
Development version (0.9.5):
Mingw32 build (2008-02-12)
MSVC 2005 build with July-2008 ICQ-hotfix please MD5-verify the file!
see also: Other MSVC 2005 builds

Linux.png Linux

            Debian.png Debian GNU/Linux

To start sim on KDE you will need both sim-kde and sim-data packages. For other window managers use sim-qt and sim-data
Stable version (
Debian Sarge i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Debian Etch i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Previous Stable version (
Debian Sid: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data Or simply # apt-get update && apt-get install sim
Development version (0.9.5):
Debian Etch i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data (June build)
Debian Lenny i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data July build with July-2008 ICQ-hotfix
Debian Sid i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data (June build)
See also:
Debian-related sim-im links

            Suse.png SuSE

Open SuSE 10.2, Stable version (
RPM January 27. 2007 RELEASE

            Archlinux.gif Arch Linux

Just install it by pacman
$ pacman -S sim

            Gentoo.png Gentoo Linux

Find available sim versions at either or (with screenshots)!
To install stable version just type
$ emerge -va sim
If you wish to install testing version you need to unmask it
$ echo "net-im/sim ~arch" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
where arch is amd64, x86 or ppc. Then just emerge it!

            Image:Ubuntu.png Ubuntu Linux

Stable version (
Ubuntu Edgy AMD64: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Ubuntu Edgy i386: sim-kde sim-qt sim-data
Other versions:
Sim-IM is included in Ubuntu, see

            Fedora-logo-icon.png Fedora Core

Stable version (
Fedora 7 i386: sim-
Fedora 7 x86_64: sim-
Fedora Core 6 i386: sim-
Fedora Core 6 x86_64: sim-
Fedora Core 5 i686: sim sim-mimelnk (Before install sim, you should install sim-mimelnk or kdenetwork package)
Previous Stable version (
Fedora Core 6 x86_64: sim
Fedora Core 6 i386: sim
Fedora Core 6 src: sim
Development version (0.9.5 SVN):
Fedora 7 i386
Fedora 8 i386(athlon)
Fedora 8 src.rpm
Fedora 9 i386(athlon)
Fedora 9 src.rpm

Bsddaemon.png FreeBSD

FreeBSD port and packages

Source cpp.png Sources

Stable version (
Unix sources:
sim- bzip2 | gzip | 7-zip
svn checkout svn://
Development bugfix version (
svn checkout svn://
Development version (0.9.5):
svn checkout svn://

See also project downloads page

Icon Sets:
SIM CrystalSVG JISP format icons at
SIM XP JISP format icons at
Migration scripts:
qip history migration perl script (for experienced users only)
Script to manipulate, merge, filter and charset recoding of history files: