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Source cpp.png Sources

Subversion repository
Development version: svn checkout svn://
Latest stable 0.9.4 version: svn checkout svn://
Unix sources:
SIM-IM 0.9.4 bzip2 archive
SIM-IM 0.9.4 gzip archive
SIM-IM 0.9.4 7z-zip archive


Important: Uninstall previous SIM version before install!

SIM-IM 0.9.4 mingw32 build Installer
Win32 (mingw32) SVN build
Win32 (MSVC 2005) SVN build
Noragen's Win32 SVN builds - Often Updated

Linux.png Linux

Debian.png Debian GNU/Linux packages

SIM-IM 0.9.4 is included in Debian GNU/Linux, see

Debian-related sim-im links.

SIM-IM 0.9.4 for i386 Debian Sarge (stable)

SIM-IM 0.9.4 RC2 for Debian Sarge (stable)
SIM-IM 0.9.4 RC2 for Debian Etch (testing)  or simly $ apt-get update && apt-get install sim
SIM-IM 0.9.4 RC2 for Debian Sid (unstable)  or simly $ apt-get update && apt-get install sim

Suse.png SuSE 10.0 package

RPM April 30. 2006 SVN QT3 Development branch

Archlinux.gif Arch packages

Package for ARCH-Linux install TarBall with makepkg then pcaman -A <packetname>

Gentoo.png Gentoo linux

Find available sim versions at either or (with screenshots)!

To install stable version just type

$ emerge -va sim

If you wish to install testing version you need to unmask it

$ echo "net-im/sim ~arch" >> /etc/portage.keywords

where arch is amd64, x86 or ppc. Then just emerge it!

Ubuntu.png Ubuntu Linux packages

SIM-IM is included in Ubuntu, see

Bsddaemon.png FreeBSD

FreeBSD port and packages

See also project downloads page

SIM CrystalSVG JISP format icons at
SIM XP JISP format icons at