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(Debian GNU/Linux packages)
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$ apt-get update && apt-get install sim
$ apt-get update && apt-get install sim
[http://shaplov.ru/files/sim/sim_0.9.4rc1-0.1_sarge_i386.deb  sim_0.9.4rc1-0.1_sarge_i386.deb  stable i386 0.9.4rc1]<br>
[http://shaplov.ru/files/sim/sim_0.9.3.99+0.9.4rc2-1_sarge_i386.deb  sim_0.9.3.99+0.9.4rc2-1_sarge_i386.deb  stable i386 0.9.4rc2]<br>
[http://shaplov.ru/files/sim/sim_0.9.4rc1-0.1_etch_i386.deb  sim_0.9.4rc1-0.1_etch_i386.deb  testing i386 0.9.4rc1] <br>
[http://shaplov.ru/files/sim/sim_0.9.4rc1-0.1_etch_i386.deb  sim_0.9.4rc1-0.1_etch_i386.deb  testing i386 0.9.4rc1] <br>

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Subversion repository
svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/sim-im/trunk/sim
svn checkout svn://svn.berlios.de/sim-im/branches/0.9.4

SIM-IM 0.9.4 RC2 sources NEW!


SIM-IM 0.9.4 RC2 Installer NEW! ***Important*** Uninstall SIM (mingw-version) before install RC2 ***Important***
SIM-IM 0.9.4 RC1 Win32 (mingw32) build installer
Win32 (mingw32) SVN build
Win32 (MSVC 2005) SVN build
Noragen's Win32 SVN builds


Debian GNU/Linux packages

Debian unstable contains sim package, so $ apt-get update && apt-get install sim

sim_0.9.3.99+0.9.4rc2-1_sarge_i386.deb stable i386 0.9.4rc2
sim_0.9.4rc1-0.1_etch_i386.deb testing i386 0.9.4rc1

SuSE 10.0 package

RPM April 30. 2006 SVN QT3 Development branch

Arch packages

Package for ARCH-Linux, install TarBall with makepkg then pcaman -A <packetname>

Gentoo ebuilds

Package for Gentoo Linux


FreeBSD port and packages

See also

berlios.de project downloads page

SIM CrystalSVG JISP format icons at KDE-Look.org