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*[http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/ libxslt ]
*[http://xmlsoft.org/XSLT/ libxslt ]
*[http://www.openssl.org/ OpenSSL ]
*[http://www.openssl.org/ OpenSSL ]
*[http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActivePerl/?mp=1 Perl ]
*[http://www.perl.org/ Perl ]
*[http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/Zip.html#Win32 zip]
*[http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/Zip.html#Win32 zip]
*[http://www.monmouth.com/~wstreett/lex-yacc/lex-yacc.html flex]
*[http://www.monmouth.com/~wstreett/lex-yacc/lex-yacc.html flex]

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SVN snapshots compilation: To build SIM you should have automake-1.5 and autoconf-2.53, however, autoconf 2.13 works too, you just need to hack admin/cvs.sh to turn off "exit 1" on version check. Note that you will be unable to compile icq plugin without SSL support.



  • make -f admin/Makefile.common
  • ./configure --prefix=<your_installation_path>
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • Start SIM :-)

See "./configure --help" for more options, specially for --enable-final and --disable-debug.

To compile plugins you should run:

  • cd plugins/<plugin_name>
  • make
  • sudo make install

MINGW compilation:


Toolchain setup:

  • Install Mingw. You need to install gcc-core, g++, binutils, w32api, mingw32-make. Add mingw's bin directory to %PATH%
  • Install Msys. You need MSYS-1.0.10.exe
  • Compile Q..3/Windows. Extract sources somewhere. Then create dirs "include", "include/private" in this folder. Then run configure-mingw.bat. Add Q..3's bin directory to %PATH%
  • Compile and install zlib. specify --prefix=/mingw option to ./configure script, then make&&make install.
  • Compile and install libxml2. specify --prefix=/mingw option to ./configure script, then make&&make install.
  • Compile and install libxslt. specify --prefix=/mingw option to ./configure script, then make&&make install.
  • Compile and install OpenSSL. Extract sources, then run "ms\mingw32 no-asm". Then install as specified in INSTALL.W32 file into your Mingw installation dir.
  • Install Perl. Add Perl's bin directory to %PATH%
  • Install zip. Extract and put zip.exe in some dir in your %PATH%
  • Install Flex. Extract and put flex.exe in some dir in your %PATH%.
  • Install Aspell. You need this only if you want to compile spell plugin. Download development package for win32 aspell. Then extract include folder into mingw root folder, then put lib\libaspell-15-dll.lib into lib\libaspell.a, lib\libpspell-15-dll.lib into lib\libpspell.la in mingw root folder.

Compilation and Installation

  • make -f admin/Makefile.common unfortunally doesn't work under Msys. This must be performed under Cygwin or some other *nix environment.
  • ./configure --disable-kde --enable-win --with-qt-dir=... --with-ssl-dir=...
  • make
  • make INSTALL=install DESTDIR=/yor/destdir. After this you must manually put sim files in this layout:


  • Or you can compile NSIS installer script install_win32\mingw\sim.nsi