Building with Cmake FAQ

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Q: How to build Sim-IM without KDE support?

A: For Sim-IM 0.9.4.* and for old revisions of Sim-IM 0.9.5 you should use

cmake -D USE_KDE3:boolean=false

and for Sim-IM 0.9.5 rev. 2106 or newer

cmake -D ENABLE_KDE3:boolean=false

Q: How to build Sim-IM when both KDE4 and KDE3 are installed?

A: You have to make sure, that both the KDEDIR and the KDEDIRS variables are set correctly, so, that cmake finds the correct libraries. For example, if you installed kde3 in /opt/kde3 this might look like this:

export KDEDIR="/opt/kde3"
export KDEDIRS="/usr:/usr/local:/opt/kde3

After that, run cmake as usual.

Q: How to build Sim-IM with debug info?