Building with CMake

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Building for Linux

Building for Windows



Once you've installed all requried packages, make sure you've set the following environment variables correct- QTDIR (the path to your Qt3 installation) CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH (all paths to the headers of the installed packages - for example D:\Programm\GnuWin32\Include;D:\Programm\OpneSSL\Include) CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH (all paths to the libraries of the installed packages - for example D:\Programm\GnuWin32\Lib;D:\Programm\OpenSSL\Lib\MSVC)


After you've checked out the sources, create a new directory 'sim-im-build'. Now you can call cmake (or cmakesetup on win32) by switching into 'sim-im-build':

cmake ..\sim-im 

When cmake is ready and all required packages were found you can start compiling sim with 'make' (or mingw32-make or nmake)