Autoaway plugin

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Automatic change status after some idle time.

Current status

  • In this plugin you can choose after how many minutes of inactivity will SIM-IM set you away, N/A (or offline if you wish).
  • You can also disable here sound and OSD online alerts, if you wish to not be distracted by them after you become away or N/A.

Known issues

  • Keep in mind, that option for filtering alerts works only if your status was set by autoaway plugin, not if you change status manualy.
  • Currently, option for disabling alerts filters (beside sound alerts) only "Online OSD notification". If you have enablled OSD for any other status in OSD plugin, these will be during autoaway displayed.
  • Option for "disabling online alerts" is discussed in bugzilla Feel free to post suggestion or patch to improve current behaviour.